I recently came across the clarity paradox, which tries to explain why successful people and organizations don’t automatically become very successful. Greg McKeown author of Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less explains the the clarity paradox in 4 phases: Phase 1: When we really have clarity of purpose, it leads to success. Phase 2: When we have success, it leads to […]

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Post Election Blues(or yellows or reds)

The elections have come and gone and the people have spoken(in one way or another), there have been winners and losers, and I’m not only referring to the political parties. Voter turn out was disappointing in my opinion, but I guess that is a reflection on the last 5 years if not more, and it […]

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My Financial Plan..

Good bye January hello February, yes that’s right people 2019 is well under way, one month down 11 more beautiful opportunities to come. It may seem like i have been rather quite, but actually i have just been living out my personal lifestyle financial plan. Last year for the first time i undertook to do […]

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You can’t have the WOW without the WHY…

Everybody wants to be WOWED, we all want that amazing feeling that we get when when our expectations are exceeded and we are truly blown away, we want to be WOWED. Lately I have been having conversations with people who are of the mindset that they want to be WOWED. They deserve to be WOWED, […]

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How to make sense of your investments.

Being invested in any investment market over the last 5 years has been one hell of a ride. Just in SA you would have experienced all time highs in some markets (JSE Allshare reaching above 60 000) and some spectacular crashes in others (SA Listed property index down 24% from its 1 year high), now […]

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4 Tips for getting into the local equity market.

With more red than green days this month and year, the Local Equity market is proving to be a very scary place both for existing investors and for those looking to enter into this new world. It comes with promises of the highest returns in history. Just take a look at  the numbers below: 15.44% […]

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Tito’s Maiden….BORING.zzzz

Yesterday, Finance Minister Tito Titus Mboweni delivered his maiden medium term budget speech. WOW. Some of the head lines I have read include the following:                “Mid Term Budget Speech: 13 most important quotes from Tito Mboweni”,  “Mboweni’s budget speech underwhelming: Shivambu”, “South Africa’s Rand Slumps after Mboweni’s Budget […]

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Retirees and the correct draw down level

What is the correct percentage of income that I can draw down from my post retirement investment today and still ensure that I don’t run out of money and can live comfortably? This is a question I have been dealing with quite a lot lately as clients are either entering into their form of retirement […]

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The best return you didn’t know you needed.

When it comes to investing your hard earned money, most people want the highest possible return and the least possible risk. Sound familiar? Well there is no such investment that gives you the highest return available with the lowest risk on your capital – sorry to burst your bubble. We typically find ourselves either taking […]

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