Annual Financial Planning Fees.

Welcome to part 3 of the 3 part series on FEES. Annual financial planning fees, are as the name suggests an annual fee paid to your financial planner, for the ongoing work done throughout the year, after your initial financial plan has been created and the recommendations implemented. In this final post on the fees […]

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What Lifestyle Financial Planning is NOT.

  Many people have a preconception of how they think an interaction with a financial planner will be and its generally not a good one. Its almost the same feeling when you see that private number on your cell phone, and you the know it’s someone trying to sell you something and you don’t want […]

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Implementation Fees.

Welcome to part two of a three part series on FEES. Time to be perfectly frank, implementation fees ARE the commissions slapped onto a particular product, which are meant to entice the planner to SELL, SELL, SELL and in a world where there hasn’t been an upfront financial planning fee charged and a client hasn’t […]

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Upfront Financial Planning Fees.

Welcome to part 1 of a 3 part series on FEES. Upfront financial planning fees are not those ridiculous commissions slapped onto a particular product which you as the client never actually see and enticed me as the planner to SELL, SELL, SELL. Neither are they the upfront percentages deducted off of your investment before […]

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The Risk Profile Analysis…

If you read my first blog post you would have noticed I have some pretty harsh views on the industry’s tool used to determine your risk tolerance, and in turn the return you should accept FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. (Okay, maybe not the rest of your life, but at least for this investment […]

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