Post Election Blues(or yellows or reds)

The elections have come and gone and the people have spoken(in one way or another), there have been winners and losers, and I’m not only referring to the political parties. Voter turn out was disappointing in my opinion, but I guess that is a reflection on the last 5 years if not more, and it speaks volumes, its almost a vote in itself(a vote of no confidence I would guess, but we all know those dont work).

As a country and as her people we have all been in limbo for the last 15 months, since Cyril Ramaphosa assumed office on the 15th February 2018. We expected big things from our savor Cyril, and we expected them quickly, but we soon learned there where more leaks then met the eye, and CR’s patchwork was wearing thin, (give the man his dues, he received a leaky bucket, they tied his hands behinds back, and told him to fix it with his dapper smile and big brown eyes), the Ramaphoria soon passed and reality set in, we accepted that there was only so much that could be done until he received the full powers of position, until his hands where untied, and he could roll up sleeves, put on his big boy boots(albeit a pair of Hunter Original Tall Wellingtons) and get into the trenches. Well, Sir that time has come, and your people want change. We so desperately need change, for the sake of our futures, the sake of livelihood, our children’s futures.

I will admit I do not remember a time before the ANC governed, for better or for worse, I was just a young mischievous child sailing through life. My Career just happens to coincide with a few milestones in our beautiful country’s historical timeline, My career as a financial planner started in 2010, the year we hosted the world cup (and the year the corruption started to become apparent to me) it also happens to be ex-president Jacob Zuma’s second year of his first term. But before I start to cement this as a political peace, I’m going to stop the politicalness of it all, and start getting to the point.

For the last 9 years the people of South of African regardless of race, have been dealing with a country in a downward spiral, a country that has being taken advantage of,much like the early days of 1652 when Jan Van Riebeeck arrived on our shores, with a mandate to build a refreshment station for his men passing by, and look how that turned out. Corruption is not a new ideology and has been around since the beginning of time, its not limited to only our government either, the private/publicly listed companies have also played there part in the demise of our economy, the only difference between the private/public companies and the government, is when finally caught with there in hands in the cookie jar, the peoples voice matters, they vote with there money, and ultimately share prices fall, and companies close(prosecution is another story altogether)(think Steinhoff and Group 5)

As citizens of our opportunity filled country, we have dealt with a lot, we have been slapped in the face, and we have turned the other cheek, we have been beaten down, but we have risen again, we have toyed with the idea of packing it all in and shipping out, but we have remained, for whatever reasons, WE HAVE REMAINED. However I feel like this election may be the proverbial last one for many, the outcome of this election and the victory of the ANC and CR, is loaded with hope and burdened with 10 years of sorrow and abuse, but like the man who keeps going back to his abuser, we are back, but for the last time(maybe).

So what do we do from here? Do we cover up the scars and hide them in shame, OR do we wear them with courage and pride for all to see, do we acknowledge our past and revel in our future and what it holds. I choose the latter, I CHOSE COURAGE. I say we acknowledge whats happened, we learn from the outcomes, and we build a plan that can withstand those same outcomes again, because they could very well happen again, we can’t control the outcomes of our government, we can’t control how the world reacts to the policies put in place, we can’t control how the currency moves when CR chooses his cabinet, what if he leaves
Bathabile Dlamini in cabinet, WE CANT CONTROL THOSE THINGS. so what do we do? We control the things we can control.

We build a plan that caters for the worst and hopes for the best but doesn’t rely on it, a plan that allows us to live where our hearts desire but doesn’t get ripped apart each time the Western world doesn’t agree with what SA is doing. A plan that assumes the currency weakens and takes advantage of it rather than being caught out by it. A plan that can give our children the best when the country is providing the least. A plan that allows us to TAKE CONTROL and leaves nothing to chance. We know the beast we are dealing with, we have seen the worst possible outcomes, we are no longer ignorant to them. Take ownership of what could happen, and it could happen again, but be the better man, and change that which you have control over. Its time for us to stop moaning about what is “happening to us” and to do something about it, I’m not sure what your something looks like, it could mean to leave SA, that’s not what my something looks like, it could mean to figure out what your best life looks like, and find the best way to live it( that’s what mine looks like). Its quite possible you dont know what your best life looks like, but what you do know is that its not any worse than where you are now, it cant be.

So lets not put all our eggs in Cyrils basket and remember, plan for the worst and hope for the best. He may just be the goose that lays the golden egg, who knows…

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