Before we dive in we’ll get to know each other, we may not be the right fit and that’s ok. You’re a fiercely independent woman with no time to waste, I run a business based on trust and life long relationships. If we're a good match, it’ll be a partnership that lasts forever.

You’ve made sacrifices and trade-offs along your journey, don’t let your financial planning partner be a mistake.

I help independent women make smart financial planning decisions that are consistent with the honourable life they lead.

I make you a priority and not your money. Within 3 months of walking this journey, you’ll have clarity and purpose behind every financial and life decision you make.

I understand that as a woman you don't want to be sold to, you want to be understood in the context of your life and the challenges that are unique to you, that may, or may not have anything to do with money and numbers.

This understanding led to the development of the 5 core pillars, that I believe if managed and understood correctly, will enable you to live your version of your best life.

Through my work over the past 10 years with some of the top female executives in our financial institutions, I have learnt that one of the biggest derailers to achieving your best life is the misalignment of these core pillars, and not having an action plan to follow through on. To create the CAREER you want, that gives you the freedom of your TIME, to spend your MONEY in ways you deem appropriate, enhancing your RELATIONSHIPS all whilst bettering your WELLNESS.

We incorporate these pillars into building your Unique Lifestyle Financial Plan and collaborate with specialists in areas of Asset Management, Tax, Cashflow Planning, Estate Planning, and others, to surround yourself with a team of experts all aligned to helping you live your best life. The experience is unique and the process is tailored to each woman we work with.

I have experienced this kind of transformation in my own life, thanks to the same strategic financial planning principles I use with my clients. I previously lived a good life in Johannesburg, but after figuring out that I wanted and needed more for my family, we transitioned down to Cape Town to reap the benefits on offer. I still work hard, but get to play hard too, and we are thriving as a family. I want everyone to have the same opportunity I’ve had to do something they love, to benefit from hard work, and to enjoy the quality of life.

YOU are where YOU are because of YOU. You have climbed the corporate ladder and have achieved the success, you now want the same for your financial planning. You are not looking for frills and freebies, rather someone to walk the walk alongside you.

The legacy you are building has meaning to you and those it’s intended to serve. It goes beyond spreadsheets and returns, it’s about understanding what you want and how to get it. After all, who says you can’t have it all? You’ve done it in your career, it's time to spread the wealth!

The planner you need is one who puts you and your life at the centre of your financial story, shifting the focus from your assets to that of your interests as well. You need someone as invested in your life as you are.

If you are wanting and willing to walk this journey, we can co-create something beautiful, something majestic, something everlasting, and far-reaching, just like your career.

There are never enough hours in the day. Never.

It often feels like there’s never enough money either.

You’ve worked hard to be where you are, but you feel like you’re just at the start of something that could be so much bigger. It’s not just about trying to be happy with what you do - it’s about being fulfilled in who you are.

It’s important to have a financial partner who is not simply focussed on building your business, but acknowledges you as your greatest asset.

Building the right structures today is as important as enjoying your success today and not putting it off for tomorrow.

Client views on our online process and experience;

I have had the best experience with Marc and Marcus. Marc is thorough and effective in meetings and I am learning a lot about how to better plan for the future.

It is a well-run process and Marcus is just phenomenal and all round helpful, responsive and acts with a sense of urgency.

Works wonderfully well!

Client views on their experience of the technology we use;

Valuable information shared allows me to make better informed decisions

Client views on their overall experience of the financial planning relationship;

Marc provides an impeccable, personalized service. I truly value Marc’s insights, counsel and availability irrespective. Marc truly understands the meaning of client centered service. He is meticulous, always available to provide advise and answer questions, his counsel is invaluable.

Real asset to Your business

Such a pleasure dealing with Marc

Marc is efficient. Understands my needs. Helps me plan better. Take personal interest in my life in order to map the financial services / action I need to consider and be mindful of

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I help women in finance identify, achieve and maintain the lifestyle they want, without the fear of running out of money.